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The main purpose of Sports Massage Therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues, which can be caused by work or through exercising. Generally, Sports Massage is a lot firmer (deep tissue) than Aromatherapy or Swedish massage. It works primarily on the body’s soft tissues of muscles, tendons and fascia. Although it is generally of firmer pressure, all pressure used is carefully tailored to each individual's needs, requirements, preferences and tolerance levels!



"I approach the sports massages because I had several body pains which affect my everyday routine. Jonny helped me by finding knots in my upper/lower back and simply unlock them using effective techniques. The result was cracking! I could go through my working days without feeling any pain in my lower back. One thing I liked was that massages give me an instant stress relief. You feel relaxed and ‘rebooted’. I found the experience efficient. I would recommend Jonny to people who need an extra support with body anti-pain solutions.” - Dominik Rafa

"I was having severe pains in my big toe for about 6months and the doctors had attributed this to possible early signs of osteoarthritis. Randomly talking to Jonny one day at the gym I mentioned the pain that I was having and how I was convinced it was related to an ankle injury a few years back. Jonny was incredibly helpful in isolating the problem in my toes to the possibility of an anterior tilt in my hip- using a combination of deep tissue sports massage Jonny was able to figure out exactly what muscle groups were tense and which ones weren't being used. After a round of these massages, the pain has massively subsided. The exercises recommended by Jonny have also helped a lot to the point that my actual physiotherapist recommended that I follow Jonny's exercise program. Jonny has a great way of explaining and pinpointing the root cause of the problem and helping alleviate the pain. I am hoping the pain won't come back (as long as I do my exercises) but if it does then I know it's Jonny who I will be calling instead of my doctor. Thanks, Jonny.” - Simone Sharma

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