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Pre-Natal Personal Training - Before Childbirth

Many doctors and obstetricians promote the benefits of exercise for healthy pregnancies. Exercise in the prenatal and postnatal period must be approached with care, making personal training during this time a valuable service.

The pelvic floor takes on additional stress as the baby’s weight increases, and joints begin to loosen in response to hormones. All of these physiological changes make good posture, cardiovascular health, and strength crucial to a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Poor posture during pregnancy can weaken the muscles of the back and torso, causing back pain and discomfort. In addition to providing cardiovascular benefits, prenatal exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, which are needed to support the torso and maintain digestion.

A research study, conducted by the Family Practice Research Journal, found that mothers who exercised at least 20 minutes a day, at least three times a week for at least 20 weeks of their pregnancy had fewer complications and shorter labors than mothers who did not exercise.

A study revealed that mothers who exercised during pregnancy reported lower incidences of anxiety, depression, and pregnancy-specific stress while in their first and second trimesters.


Post-Natal Personal Training - After Childbirth

Post-Natal exercises, which are aimed at strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular training, are focused on improving your physical and mental well-being while still caring for your healing, Post-Natal bodies.

Like Pre-Natal exercises, postnatal exercises are generally aimed at light cardiovascular workouts combined with light weight training.

A number of studies have also shown that exercises following pregnancy may help prevent or alleviate postpartum depression.


Personal Training Welcome Offer

3 x One Hour Initial Personal Training - £150 £210

When you completed your 3 x One Hour Initial Personal Training, you will be able to book a block of 12 sessions or 36 sessions.


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