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Whatever the injury may be – our personal trainers will be able to assist you in your recovery period and beyond.

Injury is something most have come across at some point. Injuries may be sport and fitness related, ranging from minor sprains to recovery from corrective surgery, or they can be non-sport related, including bad posture from work. The goal of Injury Rehabilitation through a Personal Training program is to restore a client’s level of physical fitness to their pre-injury state. Clients recovering from an condition that took them away from their regular physical fitness routine and resulted in a loss of muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility are ideal candidates for Injury Rehabilitation.


Personal Training Welcome Offer

3 x One Hour Intitial Personal Training - £150 £210

When you completed your 3 x One Hour Initial Personal Training, you will be able to book a block of 12 sessions or 36 sessions.



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"I went to Murat for PT sessions as I had a bad back... I only booked for a few sessions and 6 months on and I am addicted. He combines usual PT skills with his rehabilitation/physio knowledge. The sessions are great and always different which keeps me on my toes as I never know what to expect! I absolutely love the sessions and would recommend MG Fitness without hesitation!" - Rishi Nathwani

"Murat and Jonny are excellent. I've been training with them since May and it's been completely life changing. They know their sport science extremely well and they knew exactly what I needed to do for my knackered knees. When I say I'm completely changed, it's no exaggeration. I've told Murat about my knees and my general problems with exercise. He's tailored a bespoke programme for me to work on. He got me to a point where I was feeling good about myself and we switched to Jonny afterwards. With Jonny, we've been doing weight lifting training regularly and I can easily tell the difference. I've slimmed down, my posture got better and learnt everything I needed to take care of myself after a workout. They are extremely knowledgeable and have given me amazing advice all throughout the way. I've gone through gym memberships without going more than a few times, but I've kept coming back to MG Fitness. I can't recommend them enough."Mehmet Duran

"I've been working with Murat and team the last few months now and have seen a big improvement in my general health. I'd spent the last few years with chronic neck/shoulder/back pain which resulted in poor fitness and declining health - I've seen a multitude of physios and specialists but no permanent solution unfortunately. This prompted me to finally look into a specialist in rehab PT and I'm very glad I did. I especially like that this is a private studio rather than part of a gym, there is also a park nearby for training outdoors when it's good weather. Murat is an incredibly patient and positive person, he is very supportive especially when I'm feeling run down. Working out with Murat has seen positive changes in me, not just in my fitness but also my mood. Jonny in Murat's team is also very knowledgeable and we've had some good training sessions. I look forward to working with them both more!" - Nithya Thevadasan

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