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Exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. With a busy life, exercising on a regular basis can be a huge challenge, especially if you struggle to motivate yourself. Start personal training with us and make your health in the forefront of your life.

Training may be scary or embarrassing but here in our friendly studio, it’s a place you can feel comfortable in. Find out more about us and how we can help you get fit with our Complimentary Fitness Consultation. 

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Ready to Start?

Try our Personal Training service first ahead of making the longer term commitment. We are sure you will love our patience, understanding, technical knowledge, flexibility and drive when training with you! 

3 x One Hour Initial Personal Training - £150 £210


10 Great Reasons to Exercise

1. Boost happiness levels

2. Reduce your risk of heart disease naturally

3. Sleep better

4. Get an energy boost

5. Increase strength and flexibility

6. Improve memory

7. Increase self-confidence

8. Perform better at work

9. Become less susceptible to disease

10. Live longer


Fuel Your Body After Your Workout

MG Fitness serves a delicious and nutritious fuss-free shake, carefully crafted by very own Personal Trainers. Order your shake before your workout and find them waiting for you when you’re finished and ready to get on with your day. We’re here to help fuel your body with the goodness it deserves whilst saving you much-needed minutes along the way!

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"Murat and Jonny are great trainers. I was initially daunted by the idea of doing personal training and I had never done anything like this before. Since I started working with Murat I feel much healthier and more energetic and I can see the difference in my life. He pushes me to do better but is also relaxed and understanding. He encourages me to eat well and exercise outside our sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend MG Fitness." - Rose Dixon

"I have been working with Jonny for a few months now. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy every session, I have also seen great results both in my body and mind. I have always been a relatively fit person but this kind of weight training has added a whole new dimension, has visibly impacted how my body looks and feels and is also giving me a boost in mental strength. Looking forward to more sessions. Thanks, Jonny!" - Verena Kugi

"The best part of my day is when I go to MG Fitness! The studio is the perfect environment for one on one PT and the trainers are excellent as the know exactly what they're doing. Having a disadvantage of a health condition hasn't stopped me from training with MG either as the trainers know how to work with it and improve the condition. I recommend MG Fitness to anyone." - Mark Bell

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