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"It's brilliant to be able to exercise with baby in tow and its also a great way to meet other mums in the area" - Lindsey

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BUGGY Fitness

Buggy Fitness (Exercise For Mums) are 45 minutes post-natal exercise class with their baby (6 weeks - 1-year-olds) taking place in our Studio or Shoreditch Park.

Formally known as Fit For Mums, Buggy Fitness is designed to support women after the birth of their baby, with the focus on posture and working the ab and back muscles. By performing low impact exercises, it will strengthen your pelvic floor making your body stronger from the inside out.


Do I need to exercise in the first few weeks?

Yes! Although exercise may feel like the last thing you want to do as a new mum, it does have its benefits:

  • Boost your mood by increasing the levels of feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in your brain.
  • Help you to lose weight you gained during pregnancy.
  • Protect you from aches and pains.
  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Improve your strength and stamina, which will make looking after your child easier.
  • This is a great way to socialise with other mums, work up a sweat and get some fresh air with your baby!

Instructor and father of two boys, Murat Gecmen, said: “Buggy Fitness is not about the pressure to be thin, it’s about working out as a way to improve your well-being inside and out. So not only will you see the results, but you’ll feel them too”. Murat caters for all fitness levels giving regressions and progressions along the way so you can exercise at a pace that works for you.

Before commencing Buggy Fitness, please always check with your GP / Midwife. It is recommended that after a natural vaginal birth you wait until after your 6-week post-natal check by your GP / Midwife. If you had a caesarian it is recommended that you wait for 8 - 10 weeks after birth.


Buggy Fitness Welcome Offer £10


Buggy Fitness Timetable

Monday 11:30-12:15 & 14:30-15:15

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 & 14:30-15:15

Friday 11:30-12:15 & 14:30-15:15


Where We Meet

Meeting Point MG Fitness, 6 Balmes Road, Hackney/Islington, London, N1 5TQ.


Fuel Your Body After Your Workout

MG Fitness serves a delicious and nutritious fuss-free shake, carefully crafted by very own Personal Trainers. Order your shake before your workout and find them waiting for you when you’re finished and ready to get on with your day. We’re here to help fuel your body with the goodness it deserves whilst saving you much-needed minutes along the way!

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"After enjoying myself (food wise) a bit too much during pregnancy, i found myself in the worst shape ever after having my baby in April. I decided I wanted to get back in to shape, but with little time on my hands due to the baby and being extremely unfit I didn't even know where to begin. Luckily I heard of MG Fitness Buggy Fitness through one of the ladies in my NCT class and signed up straight away. Best decision I've made, as both me and my little girl have enjoyed our 3 times a week meet up with the other mums and babies as well as Murat. The work outs have been great and I've already noticed such an improvement in my health, strength, energy level AND on the scale! Thanks for all the support and help both exercise and nutrition wise!" - Pernille Hveding

"I have been attending the Buggy Fit sessions with Murat and highly recommend it! The sessions are held in the studio and at Shoreditch Park depending on the weather and the work outs are always varied, which keeps it fun. There is a focus on core strength which has been particularly beneficial after having my daughter. Murat is very accommodating with the babies and is happy to give them a cuddle if they become unsettled! It's brilliant to be able to exercise with baby in tow and its also a great way to meet other mums in the area." - Lindsey Major

"Buggy Fitness has been a great way to tone up and lose a few pregnancy pounds. I was finding it difficult to find the motivation and time to go out exercising on my own but with Buggy Fitness I look forward to the specially tailored challenging workouts and meeting up with the other mums. My little boy loves being with other babies too, and Murat not only pushes the mummies but also provides great entertainment for the little ones! Terrific fun". - Nichola Jolley


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