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Our Dedicated Team of Personal Trainers Will Ensure You Achieve Your Goals Before Your Big Day

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We know how busy you will be spending most of your time preparing for your wedding, so why don’t you let us look after you in getting in shape for the most special day? All we ask from you is to turn up, train hard, eat well, follow the advice given and leave the rest to us!

Designed for you, whether you're the bride, groom or guest looking for that extra encouragement and motivation to lose weight and tone up for the big day. We aim to support you in the run up to the wedding with a programme that’s fun, effective and designed specifically around your individual needs.

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Bride + Groom Personal Training

Share some fitness vows in the run up to your wedding and get in shape for the big day together. Our trainers can tailor sessions to meet both bride and groom requirements, with differences in fitness levels and goals taken into consideration. Couples tell us it’s a fun experience to share with each other, and a great way of getting rid of pre-wedding stress or nerves!

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Fuel Your Body After Your Workout

MG Fitness serves a delicious and nutritious fuss-free shake, carefully crafted by very own Personal Trainers. Order your shake before your workout and find them waiting for you when you’re finished and ready to get on with your day. We’re here to help fuel your body with the goodness it deserves whilst saving you much-needed minutes along the way!

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"Murat has trained me for 3 months for my wedding - I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience and he has helped me look and feel brilliant for my wedding day. He targets areas you want to and no two sessions are the same. Without his help I definitely wouldn't be feeling so confident just 5 days from getting married. 100% recommended!" - Elizabeth Hollins

"Murat and the team are a great outfit. I was looking to shape up for my wedding and had tried the usual strategies before to get fit: signing up for triathlons and expensive gyms. Neither really worked for me. Personal training with Murat was the push I needed, especially on the dark winter mornings when I felt like sleeping in instead! Murat takes the time to learn what you are after and tailor his programs accordingly. He doesn't go easy on you - but I knew it was working! I was really happy with the results. The goal wasn't to have my collar bones jutting out of my wedding dress but to be a stronger more slim line version of myself and I look at my wedding photos and feel proud of the changes we were able to make". - Amanda Rowell

"I've been training with MG Fitness for a couple of months and have had great results. I first went and trained with them to lose weight for my wedding. I'm pleased to say that I lost a significant amount and toned up for the big day. I felt amazing on my wedding day, received lots of compliments and have the MG Fit in Fitness team to thank. I really like the personal trainers at MG Fitness. They make me work hard and the sessions are varied and fun. The team are also a great source of advice for nutrition and building a healthy lifestyle. I cannot highly recommend MG Fitness They are a lovely bunch of people and create a really friendly environment for their clients to train in". - Olivia Potter


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