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Let me get to know you with a free one to one consultation so that I can help you reach your specific fitness goal in 3 month’s time. Fat-loss, body-sculpting or training to bulk-up; with my expert help you will have the best possible chance of getting there. My 12 Weeks Body Transformation training is based on three weekly Personal Training sessions complemented with group fitness, nutrition and physical therapy.

The fun begins when mind and body are transformed. I am rewarded when YOU get the results you came in for.


What is INCLUSIVE in the 12 Weeks Body Transformation?

1. Train within a Private London Studio

No waiting in line for pieces of equipment. When you are Personal Training with me, you are guaranteeing yourself a full 60-minutes, total body workout in our studio. One of my biggest annoyance working out at a gym, and training clients at a gym, was people just standing around and talking so making the equipment unavailable.


2. Personalised Nutritional Plan

Good nutrition is integral to achieving your goals. I will consult and determine your nutritional needs by creating a bespoke diet plan to help fuel your fitness programme and fire on all cylinders.

3. Food Intolerance Testing

Part of the Personalised Nutritional Plan, you will be undertaking a Food Intolerance Testing. An intolerance is caused by the body’s inability to process a certain food. Food intolerances cause inflammation, and inflammation prevents the body from effectively losing body fat (especially around the ab area). By scientifically knowing which food to avoid, you will be more successful.


4. Protein Shake After Every Personal Training

A protein shake after your workout will prevent your body from using its own muscle tissue for energy and help encourage muscle synthesis leading to better results and faster recovery for your next lifting session.


5. Boot Camp Every Other Day

The powerful combination of cardio and strength exercises burns up to 800 calories per session. You will be working alongside with like-minded people, who are striving to get fitter, with the added bonus of encouragement and teamwork within a group environment.


6. Vinyasa Yoga Flow every Sunday

Vinyasa Yoga Flow serves as a strength-training process and helps build lean muscle mass throughout the body. The continual flowing movements of Vinyasa Yoga Flow help stretch your muscles while they are being strengthened, allowing you for greater mobility and range of motion. Increased flexibility takes stress off the joints, ligaments and tendons, and helps prevent injuries like pulls and tears.


7. Monthly Sports Massage Therapy

The main purpose is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues which will be caused by the new exercise regime.


8. Weekly Update Meetings and Tanita Body Composition Measurements

We will be having weekly update meetings to ensure you are on the right track. We take measurements of your body composition (body fat percentage, weight, metabolic rate, water percentage, visceral fat, bone mass and muscle mass) and discuss why they are important to know in relation to your goals.


36 x Master Personal Training Sessions with Murat Gecmen

36 x Handmade Protein Shakes

36 x Boot Camps

12 x Vinyasa Yoga Flows

3 x Sports Massage Therapies


Get in touch today to find out more. Call me on 0207 254 8789 / 07809 575299 or send an email using the contact box below.

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"Training with Murat was crucial for this transformation. He tailored the training to my abilities and fitness level, slowly ramping it up every week. The exercises are hard, but fun and varied, from weights and TRX to boxing, running and high intensity exercises.

I am always looking forward to training with Murat because it is challenging but fun and on top of being an expert in everything related to fitness, he is a genuinely nice guy."Eva Lotta-Lamm

"I am doing the body transformation with Murat and I have lost 5 kilos already and my fitness and strength have really improved. Murat keeps me motivated to achieve my goals and he keeps each session interesting by introducing new things each time. I highly recommend him if you are looking personal trainer. He's very knowledgeable and his sessions are always hard but fun". - Laura Avery


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